Coloring Contest! Win tickets to Hershey Park!

Hey Kids!  Hey Moms & Dads!

Summer is for kids, right? Coloring is for kids, right? Hershey Park is for kids, right? Ok, WRONG.

Summer, coloring and Hershey Park means FAMILY fun!

So Bowman’s has something for YOUR family!

The 2018 Bowman’s Feed & Pet Coloring Contest! Grand Prize: 4 Tickets to Hershey Park!

Who is eligible? Kids under the age of 18, with two categories ( Under 9 years old; 9 – 17)

Where do we get the Bowman’s Coloring Book? Bowman’s Feed & Pet, located at 101 Englar Road in Westminster.

Do we have to make a purchase to get a Bowman’s Coloring Book? No, they are our gift just for stopping in!

Do we have to make a purchase to submit our entry? Nope! No purchase necessary to enter or to win.

What do we need to do? Your child colors his or her favorite animal picture found in our exclusive BOWMAN COLORING BOOK, and includes the following:

  • brief description of any animals at home (pets or livestock)
  • if no animals at home, have the child describe the animal he or she would LIKE to have

How do we enter? Drop off your entry to the store or

  • OPTION 1: Submit the colored animal and the form at the bottom and drop it off at the Bowman’s Feed & Pet at 101 Englar Road in Westminster
  • OPTION 2: Take a photo of the colored page, the descriptions and the form and email them to [email protected]

Can my child have multiple entries? Only one colored picture per child can be entered.

When is the deadline to enter? Sunday, October 7th.

What else do we need to know? Everyone who enters will receive a $2 coupon and will have a chance to win the grand prize of 4 tickets to Hershey Park.

When will we find out? Winners will be notified by October 15th.

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