Wild Bird, Deer, & Wildlife

A Variety of Wildlife Products

Wild Bird, Deer, & Wildlife

Our product range is designed to cater to a variety of wildlife feeding needs, from premium deer feeds to specialized wild bird mixes. With quality ingredients and a convenient purchase program, we ensure your wildlife feeding experience is both efficient and rewarding.

We offer:

  • Purina Antlermax Deer Feeds
  • Wild Bird Feeders
  • Deer, Wild Bird, & Wildlife Blocks
  • Seeds:
    • Sunflower Seed
    • Sunflower Hearts
    • Thistle Seed
    • Safflower Seed
    • Millet
    • Whole Peanuts
    • Peanut Heats/Splits
  • Suet Cakes:
    • Various flavors and sizes
  • Bowman’s “Own” Wild Bird Mixes:
    • Low Waste mixes
    • Frequent purchase program: Buy 10, get 1 free
  • Deer Attractants:
    • Local whole-shelled corn
    • Apple-flavored corn

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